Clifton Simmons

Clifton Simmons has been performing comedy for 11 years, however, his passion for making people laugh started when he was a kid. Labeled as a troublemaker and misdiagnosed with ADHD in elementary school, he used comedy as a defense mechanism. Relentlessly teased and bullied, he escaped by becoming the class clown. When he realized, that he could make people laugh, by making fun of himself, he found his passion. Ever since that moment, Clif has used laughter as medicine to help other people heal.

More about ME

A native of South Texas, he has graced many stages and toured across various comedy clubs and colleges.  The highlight of his performances has led him to New York, where he performed on Broadway. He has paid his dues and fine-tuned his skills, by becoming a Finalist in the “Funniest Person in South Texas” competition and Runner-Up in San Antonio’s “Most Awesome Comic.” Clifton has shared the stage with DL Hughley and has also been highlighted at various Improv Comedy Clubs across the United States.  

His genetic make-up is unique, which can literally be traced back through the genealogy of the Hebrew Israelites. Although, judging from the multiple hats he wears, many would simply label him as “Jamaican.” When he is not making folks laugh out loud, he can be found throughout the community working. 

Clifton made his debut acting appearance at the age of six in the screenplay, “Ms. Johnson got her Praise Back.” It would be the first of many acting roles for him, produced mostly by Hornsby Entertainment. In addition, he has taken on the role as an inspirational speaker, motivating employees to love their jobs at various Fortune 500 companies.  Clifton serves as a wedding officiant and celebrity handler.  He moonlights as an MC and host for many social and community service events. 

But more than a comedian, he is a natural born entertainer. His mission is to help people live happier lives. He says, “I want to give people the best version of me.” He adds,  “I seek to find that funny bone to improve the overall laughter of the people that I inspire and their communities.” Clifton understands what it means, to come from very little. Which is why he volunteers with God’s Dogs and with the YMCA. He is a single parent, who believes becoming a father is the best part of his life. Clifton is not living his dream, he is the dream-fulfilled.  Follow him on all social media platforms @ CliftonIsFunny.